The Ledyard Fire Company is a combination (volunteer and career) Fire Department comprised of approximately 25 volunteer Firefighters, Fire Police, Cadets and Administrative members. In addition, the Town of Ledyard augments this firefighting force with 2 career firefighters, who work Monday through Friday, 7 am to 4 pm out of our station. We operate out of one station, and have a response area of about 40 square miles, serving a population of approximately 16,500 citizens.

Our current apparatus include: Two Engines, a Heavy Rescue, a UTV/ Trailer Unit for Search and Rescues and a pick-up truck, stocked with EMS equipment, which serves as a training vehicle and duty night vehicle, as well as an EMS unit. We are dispatched by the Ledyard Emergency Communications Center (LECC) or Station R on a low band frequency of 33.58 MHz, with a fire ground operating frequency of 460.5875 MHz.

Our members are trained to both State and National standards in the areas of Fire Suppression, Rescue Services, Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Materials Response, and Disaster Response. The Fire Company responded to approx. 600 incidents during the 2020 year, with an average response of 4 firefighters per call. This number is lower due to altered response procedures during COVID.

Each year the Fire Company participates in several public events, including the Ledyard Fair, Ledyard Children’s Day, and our annual Santa Run. During these and other such events, we strive to educate the public in proper fire safety and accident prevention. They also allow us to meet the citizens of Ledyard outside of an emergency setting.

Radio Frequencies the Ledyard Fire Company uses

Frequency Type Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag 
460.27500 RMLedyard FD DispFire Dispatch FMN Fire Dispatch 
453.92500 RMLedyard FD Tac 1Fire Tac 1 FMN Fire-Tac 
460.33750 RMLedyard FD Tac 2Fire Tac 2 FMN Fire-Tac 
460.37500 RMLedyard FD Tac 3Fire Tac 3 FMN Fire-Tac 
460.13750 RMLedyard Tac4/IntFire Tac 4 / Town Interop / Public Works FMN Multi-Tac 
460.58750 MLedyard FD FGFireground FMN Fire-Tac 
465.58750 MLedyard FD FPFire Police FMN Fire-Tac