The items shown below are all available for purchase from us. If you are interested in any of these items, please fill out the order forms below. There are two separate forms – One specifically for the Mailbox signs, one for all other items. Please make ALL CHECKS payable to the Ledyard Fire Company.


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Challenge Coins:

 One side is our Quick Attack Unit R-12, the other side is our Company Patch.One side

$5.00 Each


Supporter T-Shirts:

Front has Maltese Cross with our Company Patch in the center. The back has Engine R-11 on the back.

Price: $15.00 Each


Reflective Mailbox Signs:

Make it easier for us and any emergency service to find your home. These reflective signs can be made vertically or horizontally and come with the mounting hardware. 

The numbers are 4 inch in size (3 inch if your address is 4 digits) and support the town ordinance for having your mailbox clearly marked.  

Price: $15.00 or $20.00 with installation


IMG_7057 IMG_7058Lizard T-Shirts:

Front has all the Town of Ledyard Emergency Organization Patches on it and the back has the Lizard and logo.

Only have a few left and only available in size Adult Small. 

Price: $10.00 Each


Order Form – All Items

Mailbox Sign Order Form: