Current Fleet

Engine 11


Call Sign:  R-11

2013 Ferrara Igniter Custom CAFS Pumper

1st Due Engine for all fire calls in District #1

1000 gallon tank, 1500gpm Waterous Pump with Eclipse/Foam Pro Class A Foam System, 30 gallon foam tank, Compressed Air Foam System, Seating for 5, EMS Compartment, Knox Box.


Attack 12


Call Sign:  R-12

2012 Unruh Fire / Ford F-550 Quick Attack Unit

1st Due for Brush Fires and EMS calls in District #1

300 gallon tank, Waterous Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) skid-pump, 10 gallon Class A foam tank, Seating for 4 (Rear seats have integrated SCBA brackets), 4 Scott Airpacks, Raven under-the-hood generator, two 200′ CAFS capable 1 3/4″ cross lays, 300′ 3″ supply line, 200′ 1″ booster reel, Command folding light tower, brush/forestry equipment and hose, portable pumps, little giant ladder, chain saws, EMS equipment, Knox Box, Gas Meter.


Engine 13


Call Sign:  R-13

2003 American LaFrance Custom Rescue Pumper

2nd Due Engine for all fire calls in District #1, Primary Mutual Aid Engine

1000 gallon tank, 1500gpm Hale Pump with Foam Pro, dual 30 gallon foam tanks (Class A and Class B), Seating for 6, Harrison PTO driven generator, electric Hurst pump with combination Hurst tool, Gas meter, Knox Box.



Service 16 


Call Sign:  R-16

2015 Ford F250

Uses:  Training, Service Vehicle, Duty Officer Vehicle, Towing Fire Department Trailers


Rescue 17


Call Sign:  R-17

1997 Pierce Lance Heavy Rescue

1st Due to Motor Vehicle Accidents, HAZMAT Incidents, Marine/Ice Rescues, Any other Rescue Calls

Seating for 6, Dual SCBA Bottle Filling Station with 6 bottle cascade system, gas powered Hurst pump, full compliment of Hurst Tools (Cutters, Spreaders, Two Rams w/ extensions, chains, etc), Inflatable Water/Ice Rescue Craft, Life Jackets, HAZMAT booms, pads, etc., Air-bag rescue system, air-powered rescue tools, utility and rescue ropes, gas meters, EMS supplies, ladders, hand tools, Harrison PTO driven generator, Wilbur telescoping light tower